Watch 7 Europe's Strongest Man Competitions (FI)
The Europe’s Strongest Man competition is one of the premier strongman competitions of the world, in the ranks of the Arnold Strongman Classic and the World’s Strongest Man competitions. Considering that the majority of the worlds strongmen hail from European countries, the Europe’s Strongest Man Competitions are always a spectacle […]

Watch 7 Years of Europe’s Strongest Man Competitions

Improve your Hanging Leg Raise with 3 Tips (FI)
The hanging leg raise is one of the best abdominal exercises you can perform, hitting the rectus abdominis (especially the lower rectus abdominus) and external obliques extremely well, and this is backed up by thousands of anecdotal accounts by lifters, but also by science. Bret Contreras collected electromyography (EMG) data for […]

Improve Your Hanging Leg Raise with 3 Tips

Incredible 465 kg Strongman Deadlift World Record (FI)
The sport of strongman has a few different deadlift world records, but for a deadlift 1 rep max (1RM), there are three main categories: A deadlift using a standard bar and plates, but straps and hitching allowed. A partial deadlift with wrist straps from 18″ off the floor with high bending […]

Incredible 465 kg Strongman Deadlift World Record 3/4/16

Three Arnold Schwartzenegger Bodybuilding Documentaries to Inspire (FI)
The 1977 bodybuilding documentary “Pumping Iron”, is known the world over, but there was more drama to Arnold’s bodybuilding career than just his showdown against Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbo for the Mr. Olympia title in 1975. Watch two other lesser known Arnold Schwarzenegger documentaries and Pumping Iron and feel the […]

Three Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Documentaries to Inspire

Four Calisthenics Athletes-Organzitions to Follow (FI)
Calisthenics are body-weight exercises performed to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement. Calisthenic exercises can range from the simple (such as a body-weight squat or a pull-up) to the advanced (such as human flag). Calisthenics differs from bodybuilding or powerlifting in that its goals are not aesthetics or pure strength, but […]

Four Calisthenics Athletes/Organizations to Follow

Basque Rural Sports - Strength Sports Focus (FI)
Strength Sports are common throughout the world and have existed for thousands of years in various forms. Nowadays, powerlifting, olympic lifting, strongman, gymnastics, Crossfit, an other strength sports have captured the global public attention, but many cultures throughout the world have celebrated the pursuit of human strength through unique strength based […]

Basque Rural Sports – Strength Sports Focus