Beets and Endurance Training - Are You Juicing Bro - Part 2
Are you juicing bro? No I am not talking about steroids, but instead beet juice. Why would you ever want to drink beet juice though? In the second part of this Are you Juicing Bro? series of articles, we’ll examine the effect beet juice has on endurance training and why drinking beet juice is […]

Beet Juice and Endurance Training: Are You Juicing Bro? – ...

Helpful Medical Test to Take as a Lifter (FI)
When it comes to weight lifting, the most important factors influencing your ability to gain strength, lose fat, and pack on muscle mass are consistent strength training, proper nutrition, adequate sleep/recovery, and even intelligent supplementation (like with whey protein and creatine). In order to determine whether you are making the best progress possible […]

Helpful Medical Tests to Take as a Lifter – Part ...

Floss Bands The Ultimate Mobility-Rehab-Prehab Tool (FI)
Muscle flossing has recently exploded onto the physical therapy and fitness scenes, yet the mechanisms explaining why muscle flossing is so effective at increasing mobility and flexibility, rehabbing injuries, and as a prehab tool is still a mystery. Heck, even the most popular brand of floss bands on the market […]

Floss Bands: The Ultimate Mobility/Rehab/Prehab Tool

The Benefits of Indian Club Training (FI)
Besides an injured/weak lower back, the shoulders are probably the most dysfunctional, injured, and overused body part which active individuals have issues with. These shoulder issues can arise for many different reasons, maybe from blunt trauma (like falling off of your bike onto your shoulder), or continuous repetitive motions (like that of a […]

The Benefits of Indian Club Training

The Most Potent and Cost-Effective Curcumin Supplements (FI)
Curcumin is a fantastic supplement, with powerful anti-inflammatory effects which help mitigate chronic inflammation of the body. Many people use curcumin to help ease painful conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis. Curcumin has also been shown to: Enhance cardiovascular health Reduce body fat Support healthy cholesterol Alleviate cognitive decline Any […]

The Most Potent and Cost-Effective Curcumin Supplements