Improve your Hanging Leg Raise with 3 Tips (FI)
The hanging leg raise is one of the best abdominal exercises you can perform, hitting the rectus abdominis (especially the lower rectus abdominus) and external obliques extremely well, and this is backed up by thousands of anecdotal accounts by lifters, but also by science. Bret Contreras collected electromyography (EMG) data for […]

Improve Your Hanging Leg Raise with 3 Tips

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The internet is an unbelievable repository of information, and I use it daily to delve into new and old strength training/conditioning topics, research, and advice from iron hardened gym warriors, but contrary to what many believe, not everything is on the internet. Some of the best information I have learned regarding […]

8 MUST READ Strength Training Books

Increase Reps in Reverse for Foolproof Progress (FI)
There are dozens of methods of strength progression, along with three main weightlifting exercise categories, and it can be daunting for both beginner and advanced lifters to choose the strength progression method which will pay the biggest dividends in the gym. Some of these methods include increasing the weight of the exercise, […]

Increase Reps In Reverse for Foolproof Progress