Floss Bands The Ultimate Mobility-Rehab-Prehab Tool (FI)
Muscle flossing has recently exploded onto the physical therapy and fitness scenes, yet the mechanisms explaining why muscle flossing is so effective at increasing mobility and flexibility, rehabbing injuries, and as a prehab tool is still a mystery. Heck, even the most popular brand of floss bands on the market […]

Floss Bands: The Ultimate Mobility/Rehab/Prehab Tool

The Ultimate Guide to Body Fat Testing (FI)
The human body has a variety of classifications that can be placed upon it, such as the fact that there are 206 bones, ~640 muscles, and 78 total organs (five of them vital) in the human body, but the classifications which will be discussed in this article relate to body-weight […]

The Ultimate Body Fat Testing Guide

The Benefits of Indian Club Training (FI)
Besides an injured/weak lower back, the shoulders are probably the most dysfunctional, injured, and overused body part which active individuals have issues with. These shoulder issues can arise for many different reasons, maybe from blunt trauma (like falling off of your bike onto your shoulder), or continuous repetitive motions (like that of a […]

The Benefits of Indian Club Training

The Best (plastic free) Protein Shaker Bottle (FI)
If you are a strength athlete, you very likely supplement with protein powders, either whey, casein, pea, egg, or many others. Outside your protein of choice though, the bottle you use is important as well. The traditional plastic protein shaker bottle smells after extended use, the screw cap breaks easily, and […]

The Best (plastic free) Protein Shaker Bottle