Easy Three Ingredient Weight Gainers

If you’re looking to gain weight and pack on some muscle, weight gainers are a great way to increase your caloric intake, especially if you’re a hardgainer.

You can find two main types of weight gainers, and those are either sold commercially as powders which you add to water or milk, or they are homemade mixes of various foods and protein.

Commercial Weight Gainers

Commercially produced weight gainers do not require much brainpower to use, but the issue is that they are expensive compared to homemade alternatives, and they usually source the bulk (no pun, heh) of their calories from maltodextrin or other sugars. These simple sugars used can cause energy crashes, insulin resistance, bloating, GI distress, and other side effects common with high sugar intake. For example, check out the macros (notice the nonexistent fiber) and ingredients from an extremely popular gainer which is advertised to pack on some “serious mass“:


Containing nearly zero fat, and a carb to protein ratio of 5:1, I personally wouldn’t touch this weight gainer with a ten foot poll unless I looked like a skeleton. Reese’s, the delicious peanut butter cup candy everyone loves, has a carb to protein ratio of 5.29:1, and more fiber per calorie, so you might as well bulk on Reese’s! Most mass market weight gainers available are much like the above. Unless you want to set yourself up for insulin resistance down the road, which will negatively affect your ability to gain muscle and lose fat, I would steer far clear of these types of weight gainers.

That leaves us with option 2, homemade weight gainers.

Homemade Weight Gainers

Homemade weight gainers can be a fantastic way to easily increase your caloric intake while still maintaining a more optimal macronutrient balance using healthy ingredients, but the common homemade weight gainer recipes you’ll see require a lot of ingredients, taking time to make, and the taste leaves something to be desired. The preceding statement is especially true of oat based weight gainers (i.e. most homemade weight gainers). Drink an oat based weight gainer and get ready to bloat up as the powdered oats hydrate in your stomach much like they would when making oatmeal, and the chalky, floury taste leaves something to be desired. Ice cream based weight gainers taste great, but I would rather just drink the ice cream, and their macros are generally very high in carbs and fat.

If you want a cheap, high calorie high protein weight gainer, the solution is to keep it simple.

2 Different Three Ingredient Weight Gainers Recipes

The first weight gainer recipe involves the following three ingredients for a 16 oz serving:

Higher Protein Weight Gainer


  • Calories – 490
  • Fat – 19g (35%)
  • Carb – 33g (27%)
  • Protein – 46g (38%)

The great thing about using the PBfit instead of regular peanut butter is that it drastically increases the protein to calories ratio of the weight gainer, it takes all of about 1 minute to make, 1 minute to drink, it’s cheap per serving compared to a mass market weight gainer, and it TASTES LIKE A REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUP!

Weight Gainer 1

Pour 16 oz whole milk, add 2 Tbsp of PBfit.

Weight Gainer 2

Add 1 rounded scoop of whey protein, shake and enjoy!

The second weight gainer recipe involves the following three ingredients for a 16 oz serving:

Higher Fat Protein Weight Gainer


  • Calories – 640
  • Fat – 32.5g (46%)
  • Carb – 36g (23%)
  • Protein – 48 (31%)

This weight gainer also tastes super good, and it has 150 more calories per 16 oz serving than the PBfit version. This weight gainer is a bit heavier than the PBfit version, due to the extra fat, and as a result it might keep you full longer, but it’s also quite cost effective and a great option if you need even more calories than the PBfit version provides (aka you look like a skeleton).

When I drink either one of these weight gainers, I typically make a double serving of 32 oz, which total 980 calories for the PBfit version or 1280 calories for the regular peanut butter version. They’re easy to drink and I’ll be ready for lunch or dinner an hour later.

Conveniently enough, all of the ingredients for these two weight gainer recipes can be bought at Costco, and at a better price point than at other stores such as your regular grocery store or GNC.

Try out these weight gainer recipes, and enjoy the rapid muscle gains without all of the discomfort and lackluster ingredients of traditional weight gainers (as long as you aren’t lactose intollerant).



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