Incredible 465 kg Strongman Deadlift World Record 3/4/16

The sport of strongman has a few different deadlift world records, but for a deadlift 1 rep max (1RM), there are three main categories:

  1. A deadlift using a standard bar and plates, but straps and hitching allowed.
  2. A partial deadlift with wrist straps from 18″ off the floor with high bending bar.
  3. A tire deadlift, which is a deadlift performed using hummer tires instead of weight plates.

In the first category, Strength Cooperative already showed the last three subsequent strongman world record deadlifts, but on March 4th, 2016 the Arnold effect was in full force as Eddie Hall of the United Kingdom shattered his prior world record AGAIN with an astounding 465 kg/1025.15 lbs.

Eddie Hall 465 kg Strongman Deadlift WORLD RECORD

4X WSM Magnús Ver Magnússon (left of Arnold Schwarzenegger) judges.

Undeniably a shaky deadlift by Eddie Hall, but with a complete lockout and demonstration of control at the top of the lift, this world record is unquestionably a valid lift. The longer, whippier deadlift bar combined with the max exertion from “The Beast” is likely the reason why the rep was so shaky.

Brian Shaw 463 kg Strongman Deadlift PRIOR WORLD RECORD TIE

Five men now have broken the 1000 lb strongman deadlift barrier (Benedikt Magnusson, Andy Bolton, Eddie Hall, Jerry Pritchet, and Brian Shaw), and the lift that pushed Eddie Hall to forge a new World Record was an incredibly smooth 463 Kg deadlift by 3x WSM Brian Shaw of the United States of America. This 463 kg lift tied the at the time current world record set by Eddie Hall back in July of 2015.

This rep from Brian Shaw was so solid that Shaw now isn’t only nipping at Eddie Hall’s heels in the deadlift, but along with Benedikt Magnusson, Shaw is now a direct challenger to the strongman deadlift world record. With three World’s Strongest Man wins and two Arnold Strongman Classic wins under his belt, Brian Shaw is currently the favorite to win the 2016 Arnold Strongman Classic and the 2016 WSM.

If you are interested in learning more about the sport of strongman, watch five great strongman competitions and later learn about the history of the Basque stone lifters.


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